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Compost Baladi SAL is a Lebanese social enterprise founded in early 2017 by Antoine Abou-Moussa and Marc Aoun in partnership with Fondation Diane, based on a civic engagement campaign initiated by Laurent Wakim.
Compost Baladi provides products and services that promote the local recycling of solid & liquid bio-wastes in households, restaurants, academic institutions, commercial establishments, municipalities, non-profit organizations and refugee camps/settlements. The services and products of the company are a direct response to the on-going national waste management crisis.
Our mission is to promote the local recovery of valuable resources from bio-waste.
Compost Baladi SAL seeks to promote the sound management of organic and non-organic waste fractions using appropriate technologies that are tailored to local economic, social and environmental conditions. We strive to accomplish this through our team of local and international experts and equipment suppliers to provide our clients with the most suitable service on the market.
At Compost Baladi, we pride ourselves on our following core values:
  1. Community and environment
  2. Customer centricity
  3. Integrity.

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Address: Sin el Fil - Lebanon

P.O.Box: 55-532

​Mobile: ​76 015 280

Email : compostbaladi@gmail.com

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