Research and Development

Earth Drum Composter
Treat to feed
  1. Name: Joelle Abboud

  2. E-mail:

  3. Duration: 15th of April, 2018

  4. Stage: Building the farm

  5. Purpose: To treat waste, thus providing us with high feed quality for animals and fertilizers produce.

Earth Drum Composter – USD 250

  • Household composting

  • Uses 1 square meter of space

  • Installed outdoor

  • 2 kg of food scraps/day capacity

  • Reduces smell and pest attraction

  • Automated aeration - no need for manual turning

  • Temperature sensor​.

Vermiponics and Bioreactors in the development of organic hydroponic systems
  1. Name: Nibal Homsi

  2. E-mail:

  3. Duration: 4 months

  4. Stage: Prototyping and data collection

  5. Purpose: The objective of this study is to design an ideal vermiponic system that will provide us with organic, high quality, and high productivity fertilizers while presenting us with enough scientific and economic data. Also, to test the efficiency of a bioreactor.

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