CubeX was founded in 2018 in partnership with VNG International and Berytech as a home-scale wastewater and food waste treatment system that allows households in rural and suburban areas to process all of their organic waste effortlessly on-site. CubeX is a low tech system that offers wastewater treatment, irrigation water, fertilizer and energy recovery all in one small footprint unit. Also, it fully eliminates the need for septic servicing or "desludging".

How it works?

CubeX is connected to the sewer network of the household where all of the waste is disposed of; food waste is crushed using an in-sink grinder and enters the system. All materials enter a bio-digester where anaerobic digestion generates methane gas. The methane is then stored in a safe compartment and can be used for cooking and heating as needed.. Waste material is then sent to a separation compartment where solids and liquids are treated separately using biological reactions. In the end, treated water stored to be used for irrigation and compost can be used as needed.


  • Daily input capacity: 4 persons 1000 L p/d

  • System Volume: 4000 L

  • External dimensions (in meters): 2 H x 1.2 W x 3 L,

  • Accepts household waste water, vegetable scraps, cooked foods, meat, dairy, paper products 

  • Place of installation: outdoor or underground

  • Biogas production: 1h cooking per day

  • Irrigation water recovery: 1000 L per day

  • Compost production: up to 2 kg per week

CubeX in action! 

Two pilot units have been installed in a refugee camp to serve tented settlements in the Bekaa Valley with the technical support and supervision of VNG International, and they are being monitored by our team.

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